Frequently Asked Questions2019-08-02T12:32:00+10:00
How do I register?2020-02-03T12:40:50+10:00

Registrations are now closed for the 2020 walk.

What does my registration fee cover?2019-08-05T16:12:48+10:00

A registration fee is charged when registering for a community walk or to do your own walk.

Your registration fee covers the cost of your shirt, hat and postage.

We’ll be mailing out the shirts to registrants in December 2019.

What is the registration fee?2019-08-08T10:03:37+10:00

The per adult fee (persons aged 18 and above) is $30.00.

Children to young adults (persons aged 7 to 17) is $20.00.

Children under the age of 7 do not pay a registration fee.

When will I receive my shirt and hat?2020-02-07T23:09:26+10:00

Shirts and hats have commenced distribution. You should expect your delivery by the 14th February .

If you’re concerned about not having yet received yours by this date, you should contact us so we can help.

Why don’t full-time walkers pay a registration fee?2019-08-02T12:34:11+10:00

Each year, a number of people commit to walking for the entire duration of the walk. Full-time walkers refer to those who have committed to walk in the Melbourne 2020 Walk 4 Duchenne.

Full-time walkers have a fundraising requirement that is compulsory – a portion of which goes towards the costs associated with supplying them their official uniform.

Where can I walk if I’m doing my own walk?2019-08-05T16:16:05+10:00

If you’ve registered as an individual, family or group doing your own walk, you might consider completing your 7.9km challenge in one of the following ways:

  • Walk your kids to school
  • Walk on the treadmill at your local gym
  • Walk in your local park
  • Find a walking track near you

The choices are endless, but the above are examples of places you might walk.

Is fundraising mandatory?2019-08-02T12:33:57+10:00

Every dollar donated to Save Our Sons Duchenne Foundation provides vital assistance and betterment of quality of life for families living with this condition.

We would love for you to help us raise awareness, and we’re sure you walking around in our bright shirts will go a long way to doing just that. As part of your registration, a fundraising page will be created just for you. You’ve already helped us by registering and walking, and while fundraising isn’t compulsory for community walkers, we encourage you to share your link to your family and friends anyway… you’ll be surprised how many people will want to support you (and through you, us) with a donation.

When do registrations close?2020-01-16T14:21:19+10:00

Registration closes on Friday the 31st  of January 2020.